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Photographing things on fire is always a fun experimental project. Street photography encourages me to be more interactive with strangers. Photographing the sights and vibes of San Francisco has always been one of my favorite exercises. Lensbaby photography is an excellent diversion from the more commercial shoots I do.

Grass Fed, Free-Range, Organic Marketplace

Author: Andy Brooks

Baskets of berries wait for sale on this vendor's table. This little one was getting down to the live music. Dilly Dally the Clown is always at the market with smiles! This folk group violinist was very much in to her music. Another very happy vendor. This vendor wasn't the happiest I've seen! Maybe he was up too early? Baskets of colorful, hand-spun yarn. This little boy was fascinated by just about everything. I was lucky enough to hit the market during 'Pig Day'... OINK! healthy pork fajitas were on the menu, and free, from Sutter Medical Group. I think this vendor was a little overwhlemed with the crowd. Casual conversation is part of the pitch at this market. This cheese vendor  was terribly camera shy but eventually gave me a nice big smile! Gotta just love this meat vendor's eyebrows! This gentleman claims I took the best photo of him that's ever been taken! He thanks me every time he sees me!

Because I live in Davis, you would think that I visit the Davis Farmer's Market often. And that would be true! Nearly every Saturday that I'm in town I'll drop by the market to see what's new.

Davis is a very "Earthy" community, and as such, they take their farmer's market very seriously. Unlike many of the markets in the area, the Davis market is almost 90% regulars. These vendors are very local- usually within 30 miles of the town itself. Much of the town also participates, and you'll find food vendors from restaurants that are just down the street. One of my favorite places to go is the Hotdogger cart. They make the best hot dogs in the Sacramento Area.

A prominent fixture at the market is Dilly Dally the Clown. You can't miss her; she's the one dressed in the most colorful outfit imaginable. She's also a complete genius when it comes ot making balloon animals!

You will also find photographers, sculptors, and other fine artists selling their wares at the market. On Saturdays, the market also has several themes going on throughout the year. This particular gallery was taken during "Pig Day", where the market celebrated everything porcine.

The Davis Farmer's Market has got to be one of my favoirte markets anywhere, and I'm so fortunate to live right in the same town!

Contact Information:

Davis Farmer's Market Located at 4th & C Streets, Davis, CA. Phone: 530-756-1695. .
City of Davis Located at 132 E St., Suite 200, Davis, CA. Phone: 530-297-1900. .
Dilly Dally The Clown Phone: 530-662-5882. .