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Photographing things on fire is always a fun experimental project. Street photography encourages me to be more interactive with strangers. Photographing the sights and vibes of San Francisco has always been one of my favorite exercises. Lensbaby photography is an excellent diversion from the more commercial shoots I do.

Alameda Farmer's Market

Author: Andy Brooks

A standard fixutre at nearly every farmer's makret - kettle corn! Some very delicious fresh bread for sale in Alameda. When you visit the market you have to sample the croissants! As Spring approaches the flower vendors burst with color. This is my dad. Out and about for the first time in months. Flower vendors are in full swing as we approach warmer months. This is a goose egg- it was huge! I wanted to try this gentleman's granola- but it had honey in it. Such beautiful orchids were for sale at this stall. I don't speak Friench, but this performer was singing such a sad sad song. This woman was very serious about her art institute stall. This vendor was all smiles and laughter as people sampled her vegan treats. The strawberries at the market were simply amazing! This vendor had more eggs than you could count- and a van full of more! This genteman really new his orchids. They were so beautiful! Tulips for only four bucks? Count me in! This red Cala was beautiful, but I think I'll save my twelve dollars for something else!

My "Farmer's Market Project" took me back to my home town of Alameda, California and gave me a chance to visit Alameda's own farmer's market. It's not a terribly big market, but it's as vibrant and fun as any of hte others I've been to. Parking is relatively easy on the side streets or on Webster Avenue, and the market occupies about 2 blocks worth of stalls and vendors.

I really wanted to photograph the clown that was there when I first arrived, but the light wasn't right and by the time I came back he had already left. Highlights at the market include a man who sells all sorts of eggs, including goose eggs! You'll also find fresh bread and of course many vendors selling fruits and vegetables.

There was a young woman singing at one end of the market. Her song was completely in French so I didn't understand anything she was singing, but the look on her face was clear: This was a very sad song. In fact, I'm pretty sure she shed a few tears during the performance.

A very special market visit for me as well. My father has been in nursing care for the past few months and this was the first time that he's had the chance to be up and about in a very long time. What an excellent way to spend a morning on the Island City!

Contact Information:

Alameda Farmer's Market Located at Haight Ave. at Webster Street, Alameda, CA. .
City of Alameda Located at 2263 Santa Clara Ave., Alameda, CA. Phone: 510-747-7400. .